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Buyer's Guide: Bike Seat Cushion

Which Bike Seat Cushion is Best For You?

If you've decided to take your next road trip with your bicycle, then it's time to purchase a bike seat cushion. Many road bikes have small plastic seats that offer little in the way of comfort or support. However, seat cushions can improve bike handling and comfort, while also adding a safety net for the driver. With the right cushions, your trips will be more pleasant both physically and emotionally. Let's take a look at the various options and find the best bike seat cushion.

Get a good fit cushion that fits your riding needs. Break-in time, weight, break-in period, flexibility, and weatherproofing are all important considerations. Ask about the manufacturer's warranty and opt for the best material, color, cushioning, style, and fit that you like. The main types of seat padding are foam, latex, memory foam, air and leather. Each offers different levels of support depending on your individual riding needs.

All Bicycle Seats Are Not Created Equal Some offer great breath-ability and waterproofing, but others dry faster and repel moisture better. If you frequently ride in hot, sunny conditions, choose those with added waterproofing or special coatings. Air and latex cushioned bicycle seats also work well for those who don't mind the extra cost. For those who ride in rainy weather, waterproofing is essential, so check the seat for a full waterproof coating and invest in a protector that keeps rain and moisture from damaging the foam surface.

Know Your Bike Before You Buy A Seat Cushion If you already own a bike, you'll have little trouble finding a compatible seat cover. However, if you're shopping for a new bike, check price and reviews online to find a model that suits your lifestyle. You may be planning to buy a new seat on which to sit after buying other accessories, such as handlebars and foot rests. Make sure you check the dimensions to determine whether a standard seat will fit.

What's Hot, What's Not? Before you go shopping, consider how you plan to use your new seat. If you ride bicycles for fitness or want to feel comfortable while biking outdoors, waterproofing may not be a priority. If you plan to race or climb, look for a more cushioned seat cushion that is designed for active cycling.

Your Bike Seat Cushion Is Just One Part Of Your Cycling Bag The whole cycling bag should be comfortable and easy to clean. See that your bag has straps that adjust to accommodate your weight and that it is durable enough to hold water and mud. The seat cushion won't do much good if the bag is heavy or doesn't fit properly. Also, make sure your bike bag comes with a strap for your seat cushion and fits all sizes of bicycles.

Bike Seat Cushion vs Exercise Bike Seat Cushion Gel cushions are an alternative to traditional seat cushions. They offer an additional support and padding. Compared to a standard exercise bike seat cushion, a gel cushion is made of high quality foam. Gel cushions provide the same amount of comfort as a regular seat cushion. However, they provide a more forgiving fit and can be used in any position. They're also more lightweight and moisture-wicking than their foam counterparts, making them the best choice for people who bike regularly and spend time on their exercise bikes outdoors.

Bike Seat Cushion - Buy One That Completes Your Needs Buy one that complements your bike and its purpose. If you bike outdoors a lot, get a cushion that's waterproof to protect against rain, sleet, snow, or any other inclement weather. If you use your bike seats for some extended periods of time at home, get one that's washable and lightweight so you don't have to lug around a heavy bag. If you use your seats for a specific type of activity (i.e., your legs go a lot further than your arms when you pedal), get a seat cover with built-in ventilation. Consider ergonomically-designed cushions that allow you to customize your workout experience and comfort level, particularly if you use your bike for long periods of time.

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