Profile Designs Airstryke Clip-On Bar (Black)

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum clip-on extension with flip-up arm rests
  • Clamp: Fits 26.0mm & 31.8mm bars
  • Includes our patented flip-up arm rests
  • Compatible with rigid ZB arm brackets
  • Weight: 528 grams

How To Choose The Best Aero Bike

What Is The Purpose Of An Aero Bike?

Cycling has been around since ancient times. In fact, there are many cultures who still ride bikes today. Cycling was once considered a sport reserved only for men; however, women began riding bicycles during the early 1900’s. Today, both genders enjoy biking for fitness and recreation. Biking offers several health benefits including weight loss, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased bone density, and reduced stress levels. However, bicycling does require a certain amount of skill and knowledge. For example, cyclists must be able to balance themselves while pedaling forward. Power is defined as the rate at which mechanical energy is converted into kinetic energy. Cyclists can increase power by using different types of pedals. Some common types include clinchers, drop-in, flat pedals, and platform pedals. Clincher pedals provide greater stability because they allow the rider to push directly onto the ground. Drop-ins are popular among recreational bikers because they are easy to install and remove. Flat pedals are designed to reduce pressure on the feet and ankles. Platform pedals are most commonly found on racing bicycles. All these options offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Each type of pedal requires a specific level of expertise to operate properly. Therefore, choosing the right pedal depends upon the cyclist’s experience and preference.

As mentioned above, bicyclists can increase their power output by changing the way they pedal. One method involves adjusting the position of the foot relative to the crank arm. Another option includes altering the angle between the wheel axis and the direction of travel. Both methods affect air flow patterns. Air flows along the side of the body creating drag forces. Drag forces act opposite to the motion of the cyclist. As a result, the faster the cyclist travels, the higher the drag forces become. Drag forces cause the cyclist to expend additional effort to maintain his/her desired velocity. Thus, the more efficient the cyclist becomes, the easier he/she rides. Aerodynamics plays a key role in determining whether a person is fast or slow. Aerodynamic efficiency refers to the ability of a vehicle to minimize resistance caused by wind. Wind resistance causes the vehicle to lose momentum and slows its progress. Aerodynamics affects the movement of air past the vehicle.

There are two main factors affecting airflow: shape and orientation. Shape refers to the overall contour of the object. Orientation describes the relationship between the object and the surrounding medium. For instance, a round object creates turbulent air currents due to its circular shape. Conversely, a square shaped object generates laminar airflows. Laminar airflows create smoother air movements. Because bicycles are generally rounded objects, they generate turbulent airflows. Turbulent airflows produce large amounts of drag forces. Drag forces decrease the efficiency of the bicycle. Thus, the lower the drag forces, the more efficient the bicycle becomes.

Bike aerodynamics has become increasingly important in recent years. In fact, many cyclists now believe that aerodynamic bikes are the best way to ride efficiently. Aerodynamics refers to the ability of a bicycle frame to reduce drag while riding. Drag is created whenever air passes around a body part. For example, when a cyclist rides along a straight path, he creates turbulence behind him which causes wind resistance. Wind resistance increases exponentially as speed rises. Therefore, the faster you go, the greater the amount of drag you create. To avoid creating too much drag, aerodynamic bicycles must be designed to minimize its effects.

How Does Aerodynamics Affect Cycling Performance?

Cyclists who own aerodynamic bikes report feeling more comfortable and confident during long distance cycling events. Many riders say that they enjoy riding these types of bikes because they feel lighter and more agile. Furthermore, they claim that they can maintain higher speeds for longer periods of time. Some experts suggest that aerodynamic frames improve performance by reducing the amount of power required to propel the rider forward. As a result, aerobars allow cyclists to travel farther distances without tiring.

Are There Any Downsides to Riding An Aerobic Bicycle?

Although there are no downsides associated with owning an aerodynamic bicycle, there are certain drawbacks. First, most aerodynamic bikes are heavier than traditional models. Second, they require special tires that provide excellent traction on wet roads. Third, they are generally more expensive than standard bicycles. Finally, aerodynamic bikes are typically built using carbon fiber materials. Carbon fibers are extremely strong, lightweight, and durable. However, they are very costly compared to steel or aluminum frames.

Is It Worth Buying An Aerodynamic Frame?

Many cyclists agree that aerodynamic frames are worth investing in. Although they are slightly more expensive than non-aerodynamic models, they provide several advantages. First, they are easier to maneuver due to their light weight. Second, they are safer since they are less likely to tip over. Third, they are quieter than conventional designs. Fourth, they are more efficient than conventional bikes. Fifth, they are more stable than conventional models. Sixth, they are easier to repair. Lastly, they last longer than conventional bikes.

Should You Purchase an Aerodynamic Road Bike?

Most cyclists agree that aerodynamic road bikes are worth considering. They are ideal for those who live in areas where weather conditions are unpredictable. Cyclists who commute frequently should invest in an aerodynamic road bike. They are especially useful for commuters who wish to cover large distances quickly.

Bike aerodynamics has been around since the early 1900’s. The idea was to create bikes that could go faster while maintaining low drag. In fact, there are many different types of bicycles designed to be fast and efficient. However, most modern cyclists still ride traditional steel framed bikes. There are several reasons why these bikes remain popular despite the advances in technology. One reason is because they provide comfort and stability. Another reason is that they are easy to maintain and repair. Still another reason is that they are inexpensive compared to carbon fiber frames.

Frame Shape

The shape of the frame determines its ability to reduce air resistance. Most conventional bikes have round tubes which cause turbulence and increase wind resistance. Aerobars are shaped differently and allow riders to stay upright during hard efforts. Some models have curved bars which further improve performance. Other designs include flat bars which minimize pressure points and maximize rider comfort. All of these features contribute to reducing air resistance.

Tubeless Tires

Another way to reduce air resistance is to eliminate pneumatic tires. Tubeless tires are sealed inside the rim and therefore require no valves or pumps. Instead, they rely on internal pressures created by the weight of the cyclist. Because tubeless tires are lighter than standard tires, they produce lower rolling resistance. Also, they are easier to install and remove.


Many cyclists believe that fenders are unnecessary. However, they actually play an important role in improving aerodynamics. Fenders deflect water away from the wheels and decrease wetted surface areas. Wetted surface areas are those parts of the tire that contact the ground. Therefore, fenders reduce the amount of dirt and mud that gets onto the wheel. Dirt and mud build up on the rims and spokes causing increased wear. Fenders also help reduce noise caused by loose gravel and stones hitting the pavement.

Disc Brakes

Most mountain bikers favor disc brakes because they are light, durable, reliable, and effective. Disc brake systems consist of two discs mounted on either side of the rear axle. Each disc contains multiple braking elements called calipers. As the pedals rotate, the caliper arms push the brake pads into the rotor creating frictional forces. Friction slows the rotation of the wheel and reduces speed.

Shimano Nexus Shifters

Some cyclists prefer shifters that operate via cables rather than levers. Shimano Nexus shifters are among the best available today.

Bikes are very important part of our lives. We ride bikes to commute to school, college, offices etc. But there are different kinds of bicycles which are designed differently. There are many different types of aerodynamic bicycle designs available in the market today. The most common type of aerodynamics design is called "road" style. Road bikes are generally considered to be the best choice for commuting purposes because of its light weight and ease of handling. However, these bikes are not suitable for long distance riding due to low speed and poor fuel efficiency. So, let us see the different types of aerodynamic bicycles available in the market. Road Bicycles - These are the most popular kind of bicycles. Most of the commuters prefer using these bikes because of their comfortability and easy maneuverability. These bikes are equipped with front and rear suspension systems. These bikes provide good stability while riding. In addition to this, they are quite comfortable to ride. Moreover, they are lightweight and hence, they are easier to handle. Some of the features include disc brakes, alloy rims, wide tires, chain drive, derailleur gears, etc. All these factors contribute towards making these bikes highly efficient and reliable. Hence, they are widely preferred among the cyclists. Track Bicycles - Track bicycles are specially designed for racing purposes. These bikes are heavier compared to normal road bikes. Therefore, they require higher speeds to maintain balance. These bikes are equipped with heavy duty frames and wheels. Thus, they are capable of providing greater resistance during acceleration and braking. Also, they are equipped with special components including carbon fiber forks, aluminum frame, etc. These bikes are mainly used for track cycling competitions. Cyclocross Bicycles - Cyclocross bikes are specifically designed for cross country races. These bikes are lighter compared to regular road bikes. As a result, they are able to accelerate faster. Moreover, they are equipped with wider tires and shorter wheelbase. This makes them ideal for short sprints. These bikes are equipped with drop bars and clip in pedals. They are mostly used for cyclo-cross races. BMX Bicycles - BMX bikes are designed especially for freestyle biking. These bikes are equipped with smaller sized wheels and lower seat height. Due to this reason, they are capable of performing tricks and stunts. These bikes are commonly found in parks and playgrounds. They are also known as parkour bikes. Freeride Bicycles - Freeride bikes are designed for downhill mountain biking. These bikes are equipped with large diameter wheels and oversized tires. They are capable of maintaining traction on steep slopes. These bikes are equipped with hydraulic brakes and suspension systems. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions.


Vision Team Mini TT Handlebar, 170mm

  • Butted alloy extensions new refined Aero cfd design
  • Unci compliant 3: 1 bridge one size, 6-position ergonomic Angular arm rests
  • For use with O31.8 mm anodized Black finish weight: 471 g
  • Country Of Origin : Taiwan

Park Tool Bladed Spoke Holder

  • The BSH-4 is a valuable wheel building and truing aid that securely holds bladed spokes to prevent twisting
  • Four different sized slots to fit a wide variety of bladed spokes

Cygolite Hotrod 50 Lumen USB Rechargeable Rear Taillight

  • Powerful 50 Lumen with cluster mounted array of LED work in unison for an extra wide and powerful tail light output, maximizing your visual presence
  • 6 lighting modes for day and night use with run times are High Steady: 1: 30 hr, Group (low steady): 100 hr, Zoom: 6 hr, Steady Pulse: 6 hr, Low Flash: 30 hr, Daylightning High Flash: 3: 30 hr
  • SteadyPulse shines a steady beam to help motorists gauge their distance while overlapping pulses keep them alert at night. Daylighting flash bursts lightning-like flashes to make you stand out on busy roads in broad daylight
  • Built to endure road cycling conditions with durable & water resistant body, and sturdy flexible seat post mount, All while keeping a Compact form and weighing only 29 grams. Designed for convenience with USB rechargeable design and low battery indicator
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Founded in 1991, Cygolite is the proven bicycle light experts with exclusive designs and innovations crafted into quality products that are on the leading edge of safety

Giro Aerohead MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Matte Black/Titanium (2022), Medium (55-59 cm)

  • MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
  • FAST: Record-breaking speed and aerodynamic efficiency
  • MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash
  • VIVID SHIELD: Fully magnetic for easy on/off plus VIVID lens technology and Optics by Zeiss that increases contrast and definition while keeping colors true to life
  • VENTILATION AND COMFORT: Roc Loc Air suspends the helmet just slightly off the top of the head allowing airflow to pass over the head and exhaust from the rear. Easily adjust vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc 5 fit system

Profile Designs FC35 Hydration System, 35oz

  • Engineered, patent-pending no-splash Refill port
  • BPA-free, food safe HDPE bottle
  • Compatible with Profile Design universal Aero drink bracket
  • Fits Narrow mounting Aero bars or wider setup with the Profile Design base bar bracket
  • Capacity: 35oz max width: 140mm (center to center)

Let's Go Aero - 429756 Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System

  • VERSATILITY - The Jack-It mounts over the tongue jack and attaches directly to you A-Frame trailer
  • MORE SPACE - Frees up space for additional cargo on the rear of the trailer where bikes are typically stored
  • ENHANCED STABILITY - The Jack-It allows you to carry your bikes on the front of your trailer, where there is the least bounce
  • PROTECTS BIKES - Foam bumpers and the new SwayControl system enhance the rack’s natural stability and protects the bicycle finish
  • SECURITY - NoMotion pins minimize wobble and can be padlocked for security

TorHans VR Series Aerodynamic Frame Mounted Hydration Nutrition and Storage System

  • Designed to be the most aerodynamically efficient way to carry fluids on a bike. Use it to carry fluids, nutrition or for storage.
  • Removable cap with innovative HiFlow bite valve spout allows for easily fill with fluids however this is not a fill-on-the-go system
  • Mounts to surface of the seat tube or downtube of bike frame. Includes (2) 25mm boss mounting screws
  • Not recommend for bike frames 52cm or smaller or older Quintana Roo (pre 2015) frames 54cm or smaller
  • 20oz capacity/590ml

Profile Designs Airstryke V2 Aluminum Clip-on Aerobars Ano Matte Black, Adjustable Stack and Reach

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Product Type :SPORTING GOODS
  • Package Dimension :13.8 cm x 23.2 cm x 31.0 cm
  • Package Weight :0.78 kg

Profile Designs Sonic/Ergo/4525a Aerobar, Black, 55mm - 135mm Stack

  • Profile Design's replacement for the popular T3+ AL aerobar!
  • Bracket: Sonic
  • Bracket: Sonic Armrest: Ergo/10mm pads
  • Width: 124mm to 290mm in 18. 5mm steps
  • Weight: 559g Color: Matte black

Corki Bicycle 22.2mm TT Handlebar Computer Mount for Garmin Edge 200,500,510,520,800,810,820,10001030

  • Material:6061-T6 high-strength aluminium Alloy
  • CNC machined,anodizing surface
  • Fit for 22.2mm TT bike hanlebars
  • Lightweight,about 22g
  • Length 91mm

Alfa Pasca Aero Handlebars for Road Bike 31.8mm Racing Bicycle Handlebar Carbon Drop Bars Black UD Matte 440mm

  • 【Specification】Carbon fiber,One-year warranty,Weight:Approx 225g;(420mm); Color:Black; Appearance:UD matte; Size:31.8*440mm; Drop:130mm; Reach:80mm;Torque:4Nm
  • 【Ultra-light Material】Carbon Fiber Drop Handlebar compares to Aluminum Alloy Bent Bar: Lighter in weight. Much more beautiful in appearance. Brighter in Color. Stronger in pressure resistance. Anti-Shock. Has proper elasticity, improving your bicycle’s class in minutes.
  • 【Pro-design】This style is one of the standard mold of modern road racing bike,its tortuosity is especially made to fits the brake system, and in the position of the brake system, we prayed it with a layer of granule paint to increase the friction between the brake handle and the Fixed Gear handlebar, providing you a safer and comfortable riding.
  • 【Features】The corner of the road bike drop bar is high temperature joint treated, passed impact test, adopted wind-breaking design and internally routing to reduce the wind resistance while riding.The fixed gear bike drop bars has great balance ability, applies for most fixtures.The Upper Hand Grip part of the fixed gear drop bar has been expanded to rest your palm, makes you more comfortable.
  • 【Please note】Install carbon handlebar correctly, please follow the specified tightening torque (4Nm);Tighten the screws. Since it is made of carbon, we recommend tightening the body to support it by tightening with your hands. Cracks can occur when strong tensions occur.

CYGOLITE Dash 520 Lumen Bike Light 5 Night & 3 Daytime Modes Compact & Durable IP64 Water Resistant Sturdy Flexible Mount USB Rechargeable Headlight for Aero Road & Commuter Bicycles

  • Powerful 520 lumen USB rechargeable bicycle light with a long range and extra wide beam in a sleek and compact design
  • 8 lighting modes (run time in hours): Boost (1), High (1:30), Medium (3), Low (10), SteadyPulse (3), DayLightning Flash (9), Quad DRL Steady(8:30), Quad DRL Flash(63). Fast recharging time of 3 hours
  • SteadyPulse mode alerts motorists with attention grabbing pulses while its overlapping steady beam constantly lights your way at night.DayLightningFlash bursts lightning-like flashes to make you stand out on busy roads in broad daylight
  • Built to endure road cycling conditions with durable and water resistant body, and sturdy flexible handlebar mount, all while keeping a compact form and weighing only 75grams. Designed for convenience with USB rechargeable design and low battery indicator
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Founded in 1991, Cygolite is the proven bicycle light experts with exclusive designs and innovations crafted into quality products that are on the leading edge of safety

Profile Designs Sonic/Ergo/45ar Aerobar, Black, One Size

  • Replacement and upgraded version of Profile Design's popular T2+ DL aerobar
  • The most versatile "DL"- style bar profile Design has ever produced.
  • Armrest Width:  124mm to 290mm in 18. 5mm steps (With Extensions at 100mm)
  • Armrest Stack:   60mm (no riser kit) to 130mm in 5mm increments (With aftermarket Riser Kit - NOT INCLUDED! )
  • Weight: 545g Color: Matte Black
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Sport Type: Triathlon

K-Edge Integrated Handlebar System Mount (Garmin Combo)

  • CNC machined for Integrated Handlebar (one piece) bar/stem
  • Pro level mount with -7 degree articulation for custom computer positioning
  • M5 hardware included. If smaller bolt required, use washer.
  • GARMIN/Wahoo approved replaceable computer insert protects computer tabs
  • Made in House. Boise, Idaho USA. Lifetime warranty.

Oakley ARO5 Men's MTB Cycling Helmet - Red/Grenache/Medium

  • Shell Material: lightweight polycarbonate
  • Impact Foam: EPS impact foam, MIPS low-friction liner
  • Ventilation: wide ventilation channels at front, top scoop with rear exhaust vents
  • Fit Adjustment: Boa FS-1 dial with 360-degree fit
  • Certifications: CPSC

Zipp SL 70 Aerodynamic Handlebar Black, 44cm

  • Zipp Speed Weaponry
  • SL-70 Aero Handlebar
  • Drop Handlebar
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